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Stars Earn Stripes – WFT?

August 13, 2012 1 comment

Hey everyone


It has been awhile since my last post, I guess nothing really got me interested topic wise for the blog.  I am working on some projects including The Bell Tower work and some other short stories.


Today I learned of a new series called Stars Earn Stripes.  Please see the details at NBC.


The cast of this new series includes Terry Crews, Nick Lachey and Eva Torres.

The idea is that eight celebrities will be stuck into real combat and get a taste of life in the military.


Go on, take a second to look over the details.  Done?  Ok *takes deep breath*

For those of you who think this is a good idea, ok.  But those who think this is a terrible idea feel free to read my rant below.


First.  To be in the military those soldiers go through basic training for several months.  They are trained before being on the field.  Why?  To make sure they can handle it.  Being in the armed forces is dangerous.  You not only have to look out for yourself but those around you.  There is gunfire, surprise attacks, digging latrines and many other aspects of life on the line.  On top of that, the living conditions are brutal.  There is a reason why not everyone who signs up can make it.  And this is not to discredit the celebrities.  But this is not a movie.  There is no prop gun.  This is real with no do overs and there is no going off set end of the day.  There are no assistants with sparkling water.

Second.  Having cameras in a real situation is a liability and an accident waiting to happen.  They will be a real distraction to real soldiers and it is impossible to be ‘real’ on camera.  None of those reality show stars is acting ‘real’ because it’s a show.  This will be 100 times worse because there is a huge opportunity to be hurt.

My boyfriend is in the military, Air Force National Guard to be exact.  His best friend just got sent to Afghanistan for a year.  During a training exercise, one of the guns misfired and clipped the friend.  He was very lucky he came out alright but it goes to show that even preparing to be sent over can be deadly.  My point is that even keeping the celebrities away from the main danger does not mean anything.  Unless they are in a happy bubble made of steel, there is no way to be real in this series.  And to send them into real battle is going to be a bad idea

Third.  This is my personal opinion but I feel like this is disrespectful towards the men and women who put their blood sweat and tears into protecting our country.  I love war movies and I love how hard movies try to make it real.  Saving Private Ryan gets me every time.  But this?  I feel it is a farce and downplaying the very real danger they face.  On top of that, who is expected to make sure this cast does not get killed?  Or is that the point, work them until they die or quit?


I would love to know what you all think, either good or bad.  I will watch the premier and give a follow up opinion but I am very concerned about the country and our ideas of entertainment.


Flash Fiction Friday – Words Unsaid

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Been awhile since my last Flash Fiction so today I am adding a song to make it up to my faithful followers.

This song is fantastic and I love the group.  Feel free to start the music and then read the story.


The dripping of coffee woke him and the smell was like perfume.  The sun was shining and even the cats seemed content to just sit there rather than beg to be fed.

She was sleeping still.  Even in slumber she looked worried.  Bags were under her eyes and tears still crusted on her cheeks.  Last night had not been good.  Kyle still was not sure what went wrong.  One minute they were laughing and then the switch.  She refused to get help.  I am just moody, she would say.  It happens.

Bullshit, he thought.  But what was so damn bad?


Beth knew she should get up but sleep was hard enough as it was.  She wanted those last few moments.   She had not told him about the job yet.  He had enough going on.  Just like he did not need to know about the baby yet.

Not planned, but she was pretty sure the signs were there.  She did not know how to tell him and the last thing she wanted was to force him to stay.  As it was he was distant and she did not know why.  They spent so much time not saying anything.  The door closed.


He tried not to disturb her as he left.  Kyle wondered why she was being so weird but the less he did to set her off the better.  Not like she gave him any ideas on what to do.  Sometimes women were just crazy and unless she spoke up there was no reason to get worked up.  He knew Beth would speak up when she was ready.  For the moment he was content planning out a nice evening out.

They had not gone out to the movies so there was that.  Anything had to be better than the baby movie.


Beth walked into work.  She had new shoes on.  You know what they say, new shoes new attitude, she thought.  Or at least I feel tall.  That was always nice.

She debated texting Kyle but decided not to.  Today was supposed to be less hectic and the last thing she wanted was to mess that up for him.  Instead she debated what to do about dinner.  Money was tight but she was sure there was some frozen chicken and veggies to be made.  That might be nice.

Later that day came her monthly gift.  No wonder I’m crabby, she thought.

The End

What did you think?  How often do you feel like you are over reacting to nothing, or letting hormones drive you nuts?

Tell Me A Story – Part 3

After much delay I have finished part 3.  My apologies Emma for waiting so long.  I did use your idea for the roommate, but we shall see what happens next.

For anyone not familiar with the Tell Me A Story Series check out the first chapter here, and don’t forget to visit Amber West’s blog since she is the one who started the tradition.

Remember to vote in the comments!


Amber turned first, feeling her body burn as she did. How dare someone cause a scene at her sister’s funeral! This was a time for mourning, not being dramatic. Immediately she spied the culprit. It was Lindsey, Sarah’s old roommate from college. Fuming, Amber grabbed Lindsey’s hand and led the woman to one of the back rooms. Thankfully this was not one which housed bodies waiting for viewing. The last thing she wanted was another corpse to deal with.

Lindsey was still sobbing but much quieter than before. Amber glared at the woman until there were only some light sniffles. Lindsey grabbed a tissue from her purse, already used from the looks of it. “Oh Amber, I just cannot believe she is gone.”

Fresh tears threatened to fall and Amber suppressed a sigh. “Look, can you hold yourself together for a few more hours? It will be over soon I promise.”

The other woman nodded and wiped her eyes. “I just cannot believe it. One minute we are on the phone laughing and the next the line went dead.”

Amber looked sharply at Lindsey. “Excuse me?”

“We were just talking on the phone about some guy we knew in college, the really creepy one who always seemed like he was stalking us. She was feeling lonely since Kadin was out doing errands,” Lindsey looked more miserable than before though at least she was holding the tears back. “We laughed about it and she said she had heard some big news about him then the line went dead. Oh what if I could have done something? What if I had called the police sooner?”

Amber just stood there, the creep of shock coming over her. Why had Kadin said Sarah died in his arms if she had been on the phone and him out of the house? Lindsey was not lying, but was she certain about the timing? The police report said it was a burglar and Kadin claimed it was murder… Could he have been right?

A knock on the door startled both women and Lindsey gasped.

“Are you ladies okay?” Kadin asked.

Amber glared at him for a moment and grabbed Lindsey’s hand. Brushing by him she huffed and said “Fucking dandy.”

No matter if he was innocent or not she had no desire to be alone with him. She delivered Lindsey to her worried boyfriend and nodded when he started to thank her. Anything to get Lindsey out of her hair. She looked back at the casket and saw there was a short line and that people were already starting to head to the cars for the funeral service. Dammit she missed the initial introductions. This day was not going well at all….

“The hardest part is not over yet.” a male voice said beside her. She looked up and saw a handsome young man just gazing at the casket.

“Have we met?” Amber asked, too tired to be super polite any more.

“No, I went to college with your sister and Lindsey. My apologies, I am being rude. My name is William Stanson, you must be Amber.”

“Yes,” was all she said. She looked at him again. He was taller than her, even in heels, and his dark brown hair was slightly messy. His brown eyes kept moving from her face to the casket, almost nervously.

He nodded as though coming to some conclusion. “It was a pleasure to meet you but I must be going.” With that he turned on his heel and walked out the door.

Amber started to go after him, to ask about his strange behavior but someone took her arm. She turned and opened her mouth to tell the person off but stopped at the look on Kadin’s face. It was darker than she had ever seen and his dark green eyes were flashing anger. If looks could kill this would have wiped out a town.

“Stay away from him Amber.”

She pulled her arm back. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

For a second Kadin looked like he was ready to throw her over a shoulder and carry her away but he just stepped back.  “Whatever. Do whatever and enjoy the consequences. Just like you always do.”

“I will!” She practically spat at him and he turned away. If the murderous look made her shiver the last look he gave her made her heart ache. What was she trying to do here?


What did you think?  Is the plot thickening or what?  You decide!  All this week until Monday I need to know does Amber go after Kadin or William?

Pretty soon I will be posting a picture of Amber!  Should I do it in the next post?
Part 4

Touring Blogs Is Fun, Can You Make The List?


Something I have not done in a while is explore my blog inbox and share what I find. Perhaps they could create a show about it somewhere. Like storage wars where the bad guy is a negative bank account because the storage unit had diddly squat. Any way.

Today on my tour of blogs I found the following.

Piper Bayard always delivers with a healthy helping of sass and disturbing humor. Today she shares some new guidelines for how to approach TSA Agents (always a great topic)

Onward to Amber West and her Tell Me A Story post. Seriously, you all should check it out because it is brilliant! So much so that I stole borrowed her idea.

Next up on my wayward path is Kristen Lamb who told an inspiring tale of the path of the artist. Not to mention she gives killer advice that has helped me for the past couple years in my blogging methods. One of these days I will make sure to read her book…. >_>

To those who enjoy cooking or food in general I suggest you meander to Willow Bird Baking and take a peek at some of her delicious ideas. Julie is amazing and her recipes are top notch for any level cook.

Anyone who enjoys fixing plot holes and sassy reviews should check out Kate with her Twilight thoughts. Just prepare to laugh your butt off. This young woman will go far!

Trick question.  Who has ton’s of free time and can make those word goals of 2k per day and a best seller by Christmas?  Yea that is what I thought.  That is ok. Kait Nolan has offered the world Round of Words in 80 days. Just trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this.

Last because I had to save the best for last, Jenny Ford has taken a big leap and will be in an anthology with only four other writers.  Meaning she is officially published! If you have a chance head on over to her blog and throw her a quick congrats. Her post is the same kind of tale many of us are living, and no matter what it is possible to get to the coveted status of published author.


Thats all for today folks!

Tell me a Story – You help me Write it

Ok, I got this idea from someone named Amber West.  The wonderful thing about blogging is the ability to connect with others.  So.  I am going to borrow her story idea.

Every Friday, I will put up a post asking for some element of the story.  Setting, characters, theme, creatures etc.  And each person will comment to add to the story.

You know those random comments that say “Hey this is a great idea for a book” but you have no idea when or where to do it?  This is for you guys.  The ones interested in seeing a Velociraptor Vampire Mash Up or Robots vs Aliens.  The ones who like a deserted warehouse on a deserted island with a dessert buffet and it is an eating contest survivor (I have no idea)


So join in!  What do you want me to write about?

Do You Want Cheese or a Book? Plot Hole Sammich with Swiss Please

October 24, 2011 5 comments
NCI swiss cheese

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Hi everyone. 

8 days including today until NaNoWriMo officially starts!  Next Sunday will have a lot of kick off parties, writer style.  Um, if anyone knows what that entails please let me know.  Otherwise I am just going to show up with a small notebook in hand and a flask of vodka Red Bull.

I was getting some outlining done when I discovered some major Swiss cheese action.  I am talking plot holes.  Major ones.  The kind that if not addressed ASAP means some major amputation and reconstructive surgery later on.  Not fun so let’s try to clean up now. 

So my character needs to get out of town.  She gets into a feisty argument with my BBT (Big Boss Troublemaker) who pretty much says to get out and never come back.  Very Lion King, I know.  But there was almost no build up.  The argument was out of the blue.  So I needed to make sure I had more instances of mini conflict where MC and BBT grow to dislike each other more and more. 

Then my other bigger plot hole rears its ugly head.  When MC needs to get out of town she decides to go with this other guy.  Who just happened to be leaving anyway.   Wait a second.  He happens to be leaving at the same time?  Why, how come all of a sudden this guy feels like taking off?  Um, where is my credibility and why has it taken a vacation?  So I had to go back and point out instances where the priest guy says he has to leave to complete training to be full priest.  Eventually he needs to return home.  He has already asked my mc to join him so she will stop acting like a love sick fool over a dumb jock guy.  The fight is the tipping point to leave. 


This is my first book.  Even if I mess it up beyond repair I plan on avoiding as many silly mistakes as possible.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the convenience method.  I do not want something to happen just when I need it.  I want there to either be a reason or some sort of build up to that choice.  In some cases I want to force my MC to do something she won’t like because nothing should be a piece of cake. 

Conflict is key.  Being easy won’t sell a story and I am not talking money.  If everything is easy it gets boring.  If you are bored with a book there is an 80% chance you won’t tell anyone about that book and if you do it is to say how dull it was.  Yes I am making up statistics. 


In other news, Halloween frenzy is kicking up a notch.  On Saturday I tried going to a nightfall corn maze near my house.  9 PM I showed up with Glenn and my sister.  The ticket line to get in the maze put Six Flags to shame.  It was so packed that waiting an hour in the cold just did not seem like a fun idea.  

Also this weekend, my one kitty has finally lost her neck rolls.  Molly was so fat when I got her that she had these neck fat rolls and it was bad.  Now that she is on a much leaner diet plus getting some exorcise she has less trouble jumping into my lap and her body is noticeably thinner.  Seems both of us have that Get-In-Shape goal. 

Back to outlining, happy writing everyone!