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Saturday at the Movies – Snow White and the Huntsman

Hey everyone!

Looks like I am a little late to the party where everyone is sharing a review of Snow White.  I am also finding a lot of people liked it.  Which makes me wonder, have I turned into a sheep as well?  Cause I sorta kinda loved it…

Before I start, let me apologize to my best friend Mira.  I had promised her we would make fun of the movie in the safety of my home, complete with throwing popcorn at the screen and hoping the cat did not eat it all.

****WARNING: Spoilers Ahead****

For a review with no spoils feel free to check out Tameri Etherton and her review of the movie.  Jillian Dodd also ranked the movie and had me laughing so check it out.


Much to my surprise, I liked the movie.  It was nothing like I expected and honestly I did not mind spending 2 hours in a dark theater.  Also I was feeling all the beards (not literally, but damn they are sexy) and Charlize Theron is amazing.

So where to start?


Charlize Theron                                Ravenna (Evil Queen)
Kristen Stewart                                 Snow White
Chris Hemsworth                             Eric (Huntsman)
Sam Spruell                                        Finn (Queen’s Brother)

Movies Depicted
Princess Monenoke
Green Arrow
Chronicals of Narnia
Joan of Arc

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