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Tell Me A Story – Part 5

Hey everyone,

This is the last post for Tell Me A Story.  I might do something else in the future but for now I have a bunch of other projects that need some TLC.


Amber sat in the small closet.  She had managed to find an old bottle of wine at the funeral parlor and had crawled into the first space she could find.  Some part of her knew the cars had all gone and somewhere the service was going on, but that part was small.  The rest of her was drunk as can be and wallowing in self-pity.

“Hello?  Amber?”

In her haze she heard a voice calling her name.  She wondered if it would find her or if she should find it and giggled.

“There you are,” the voice said.  She saw William as he opened the door to the small room.  She giggled again.

“Poo, you found my hiding place.”

William smiled at her.  “I had help.  Now come on, your sister needs you.”

Amber slowly got to her feet and stumbled slightly.  “She is dead.  She never needed my help.”

William shook his head and grabbed her hand.  He led her outside and in the hallway she glanced in the mirror, trying to make sure she looked decent enough.  With a shock she realized there was no reflection of William.


Kadin glanced helplessly at the priest.  Much to his chagrin the priest was sitting to the side, scratching his nose and staring at the cross of Jesus.  Super.

He turned back to the crowd, searching for the image of his wife but there was no one.  He made one last attempt to swallow the lump in his throat and coughed.

“Many of you…. Many of you know that Sarah was kind and generous.  She could see the good in everything.  Even me.  Even this town.

“I was with her, when she died.  Her last words were ‘I love you’.  There is something about a person at those last moments, something that reveals who they truly are.  And she was good to the core.  I want to be worthy of that goodness.

“I miss… I miss her so much, but I know she will watch over this town and send love as long as she exists in heaven.”

He could feel the lump getting bigger and he went to sit down.  The priest nodded and continued the sermon.  Kadin closed his eyes and imagined he could see Sarah.

“She misses you too,” Someone said.  He looked and saw William, smiling warmly.

“What the hell do you know about Sarah?  Don’t patronize me.”

William put both his hands up and whispered soothingly, “Easy now.  After the ceremony we need to talk.”

Kadin stared at the casket and tried to ignore the voices around him.  There was nothing to say to this man.  He did not know who William was but there was no reason to speak.

“Kadin, you cannot go on like this.  You will need to move on soon or lose Sarah forever.  You need to give up the ghost before it is too late.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kadin asked, his voice rising a little higher and now even the priest was looking at him coldly.

William looked at him kindly.  “This is not real.  You don’t exist anymore.  You need to let go of this life and go home.  She is waiting for you.”

Kadin felt his breath catch and he stood up.  Everywhere he looked there were sympathetic eyes, and they seemed almost hollow.  Sarah’s family had pale skin but this had to be real, right?  He was not dead!

“Kadin it is ok.  Tell my sister I say hi.”  Amber came up behind him.  Her face was streaked with tears but she held her chin up and back straight.

He looked at her, pleading with her to tell him everything was real, that she was real.  He walked up to the woman who looked so much like his lost love and kissed her.  He willed it to be real, willed those feelings to rush back to him.  Pain meant he was alive.  The touch of her lips, the bite of his teeth, it was real and solid.

As he pulled away from Amber he caught a glimpse of them in the window.  Only she showed.  He looked around at the crowd of people in the church, but in the mirrored image only the woman showed.

His screams filled the room and Amber fell to the floor sobbing.


Flash Fiction Friday – Words Unsaid

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Been awhile since my last Flash Fiction so today I am adding a song to make it up to my faithful followers.

This song is fantastic and I love the group.  Feel free to start the music and then read the story.


The dripping of coffee woke him and the smell was like perfume.  The sun was shining and even the cats seemed content to just sit there rather than beg to be fed.

She was sleeping still.  Even in slumber she looked worried.  Bags were under her eyes and tears still crusted on her cheeks.  Last night had not been good.  Kyle still was not sure what went wrong.  One minute they were laughing and then the switch.  She refused to get help.  I am just moody, she would say.  It happens.

Bullshit, he thought.  But what was so damn bad?


Beth knew she should get up but sleep was hard enough as it was.  She wanted those last few moments.   She had not told him about the job yet.  He had enough going on.  Just like he did not need to know about the baby yet.

Not planned, but she was pretty sure the signs were there.  She did not know how to tell him and the last thing she wanted was to force him to stay.  As it was he was distant and she did not know why.  They spent so much time not saying anything.  The door closed.


He tried not to disturb her as he left.  Kyle wondered why she was being so weird but the less he did to set her off the better.  Not like she gave him any ideas on what to do.  Sometimes women were just crazy and unless she spoke up there was no reason to get worked up.  He knew Beth would speak up when she was ready.  For the moment he was content planning out a nice evening out.

They had not gone out to the movies so there was that.  Anything had to be better than the baby movie.


Beth walked into work.  She had new shoes on.  You know what they say, new shoes new attitude, she thought.  Or at least I feel tall.  That was always nice.

She debated texting Kyle but decided not to.  Today was supposed to be less hectic and the last thing she wanted was to mess that up for him.  Instead she debated what to do about dinner.  Money was tight but she was sure there was some frozen chicken and veggies to be made.  That might be nice.

Later that day came her monthly gift.  No wonder I’m crabby, she thought.

The End

What did you think?  How often do you feel like you are over reacting to nothing, or letting hormones drive you nuts?

100 Word Challenge – Flash Fiction – Fishing Trips

Following the lead of my writing friend J Keller Ford I am participating in a word challenge. This is featured on the blog of Julia where she started the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.  There is a phrase prompt as seen below:

….I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you….

This is written as a sort of tribute to my uncle who recently passed away.  He had suffered from a brain aneurysm in August and suffered for 7 months before dying in March.  He was only in his late forties.  This is for those left behind.

Enjoy the story!


I climbed into bed. She was already there, fast asleep. I moved the cat over and settled into my favorite spot. Jude was right behind me. He had been nice enough to drive the last stretch home but it was late and both of us were beat.

“I’m exhausted,” I said. “Shut the door behind you please.”

He did and came to bed. I finally cried after the funeral. The cat joined us and I fell asleep. The next day was like any other. Only my uncle was gone. I remembered the fishing trips and smiled.

Life always goes on.

Flash Fiction Friday – The Office

After far too long not doing my own work here is a little something.  Enjoy.

4:45 PM

No word from the boss.  It was getting late and she still had to get dinner ready.  Third time this week and it would only keep happening.

4:55 PM

Enough is enough, no response to emails or phone calls and she had to go home.  Laptop packed, papers away and desk perfectly clear except for the phone.  It rang.  It was him.

5:30 PM

She stepped out of his office.  The emergency meeting he had needed so urgently was about forms.  It could have waited.  At least it only went for 30 minutes.  Some days she was here till 7.

His voice called her back.  Now what.  She wondered.

“I need you to run some errands for me.  And try to come in early tomorrow.”

7 PM

A few errands turned into a whole mess.  Enough was enough.  Time to get a new job.

She went to bed, plan formed.

8 AM

She went to his office.  She wore her best suit.  She wanted to leave a lasting impression of what he was missing.

He looked at her with those piercing green eyes.  He looked sad.

She closed the door behind her.

10 AM

She walked out.  Her hair was not as well done and her make up a little smeared.  The phone rang.  She ignored the stares.  No leaving yet.

Tricks or Treats? You tell Me

October 31, 2011 2 comments

Happy Halloween!

I hope no one was too affected by the recent weather.  NJ got hit and as you can see by the pictures we had a nice preview of the winter to come.

Yesterday I was very bad.  I pretty much avoided my computer for much of the weekend and spent time hand writing the rest of my plot and started doing character bios.  I also figured I would take a break from writing considering I would be glued to the seat for a whole month.  This meant no ROW update on time.  I am ok with that considering I am still meeting my goals.

I have been working out and keeping my diet pretty good.  Rather than bored eat I have celery sticks on hand for when I watch a movie.  I also am keeping my serving size down and no seconds.  Plus I have been working out more with the core and lower body.  Still a work in progress but I am getting there.

I am supporting fellow bloggers by visiting blogs and commenting.  This one was a little more lacking this week.  I read everyone I subscribe to but I am finding myself with too many emails each day.  You know how they say that when you have too much to do then almost nothing gets done?  Too many emails and I want to avoid it completely.

My posting at least 3 times a week is still on.  Technically this post should not be ROW related but it works as my Monday post.  Wednesday was a NaNo prep related post and Friday I posted a flash fiction piece based on my uncle who is in the hospital.

One thing I may end up doing this month is attend a Q&A Session on Getting Published with the NJ Author Association.  I can only do the one on the 12th in Somerville but anyone in NJ who wants to go please check out the website.

In light of the holiday, I would like to propose some fun.  See if you can tell me a scary tale in 6 sentences or less in the comment section.  No big deal if you have trouble but it would be a nice little challenge.

Brian crept up the stairs behind Beth, careful to not make a noise.  They had come with friends to the old house knowing it was haunted.  Everyone in the group had already vanished and Brian was trying to get out alive.  As he reached his girlfriend he tried to get her to turn around.  He stifled a scream as her body fell to the floor, the eyes gouged from their sockets and a scream frozen on her face.  A hand grabbed Brian and dragged him to the basement, never to be seen again.

That is all for now, so have fun with the Trick-or-Treaters tonight!

Flash Fiction: Premonition

October 28, 2011 3 comments

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Have you ever had a recurring dream?  Have you ever dreamed one thing and woken up in a nightmare?  What if you dreamed about being alive when the reality is you are dying?

Sometimes, we create a fantasy to escape the reality.  Other times we relive when our lives changed forever. 

This piece is based on some true events. 


Andrew woke with a start.  He gasped and wiped the sweat of his brow.  Still shaking he made his way to the bathroom.  In the mirror staring back at him was an old man.  He looked like Death.  

Angrily Andrew walked away from the image.  Despite having a meeting early the next day he went to his desk to shake off the effect of the dream. 

As a pain went shooting through his brain Andrew fell to the floor.  

He lay helplessly while EMT’s carted him to the hospital. 

He watched as the doctors told his wife about the bleeding in his head.  He watched his young son cry. 

Doctors came in and out.  The nurses would ask Andrew to move his fingers.  Panic would rise when he could not do this. 

Family came in one by one.  His parents, his cousins, his brothers.  Andrews wife. 

Good bye they all said. 

I am ok, this is just a dream.  It is not real. He thought, wishing he could wake up. 

The doctor’s came to unplug the machines. 

The time seemed to slow down.  He tried to open his mouth to scream.  The lights faded as a woman sobbed.  His wife.