Flash Fiction

I love writing little short stories, so here is my collection so far.

The majority are only 100 words, and the most I would use in a post are 500 (with the exception of my Twilight Challenge posts)

June 1 2012 – Words Unsaid

April 27 2012 – Fishing Trips

April 6 2012 – The Office

October 28 2011 – Premonition

October 21 2011 – A King and a Prophecy

October 17 2011 – End of the World

October 13 2011 – All in the Family

October 6 2011 – The Bell Tower: Part 3

September 30 2011 – The Bell Tower: A Memory Revisited

August 25 2011 – Hitch

August 19 2011 – The Bell Tower

  1. May 8, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    Also some comment Flash Fiction.

    “What the hell is your problem? Jesus, I can’t believe you did that.”
    It was offensive. I eliminated it. More mental words.
    “You cannot just kill people Syria. It does not work like that.”
    Syria looked at Lindsey. The other woman was frantically pacing. What a strange reaction.
    Do you not eliminate waste? Does your queen not demand that offensive things are taken away?
    “YOU KILLED JUSTIN BEIBER!!!!! You murdered him on stage and I still don’t know how you got away.”
    Syria looked down, confused. This was a strange world. She needed to get back home. Damn black hole.

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