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Flash Fiction Friday – Words Unsaid

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Been awhile since my last Flash Fiction so today I am adding a song to make it up to my faithful followers.

This song is fantastic and I love the group.  Feel free to start the music and then read the story.


The dripping of coffee woke him and the smell was like perfume.  The sun was shining and even the cats seemed content to just sit there rather than beg to be fed.

She was sleeping still.  Even in slumber she looked worried.  Bags were under her eyes and tears still crusted on her cheeks.  Last night had not been good.  Kyle still was not sure what went wrong.  One minute they were laughing and then the switch.  She refused to get help.  I am just moody, she would say.  It happens.

Bullshit, he thought.  But what was so damn bad?


Beth knew she should get up but sleep was hard enough as it was.  She wanted those last few moments.   She had not told him about the job yet.  He had enough going on.  Just like he did not need to know about the baby yet.

Not planned, but she was pretty sure the signs were there.  She did not know how to tell him and the last thing she wanted was to force him to stay.  As it was he was distant and she did not know why.  They spent so much time not saying anything.  The door closed.


He tried not to disturb her as he left.  Kyle wondered why she was being so weird but the less he did to set her off the better.  Not like she gave him any ideas on what to do.  Sometimes women were just crazy and unless she spoke up there was no reason to get worked up.  He knew Beth would speak up when she was ready.  For the moment he was content planning out a nice evening out.

They had not gone out to the movies so there was that.  Anything had to be better than the baby movie.


Beth walked into work.  She had new shoes on.  You know what they say, new shoes new attitude, she thought.  Or at least I feel tall.  That was always nice.

She debated texting Kyle but decided not to.  Today was supposed to be less hectic and the last thing she wanted was to mess that up for him.  Instead she debated what to do about dinner.  Money was tight but she was sure there was some frozen chicken and veggies to be made.  That might be nice.

Later that day came her monthly gift.  No wonder I’m crabby, she thought.

The End

What did you think?  How often do you feel like you are over reacting to nothing, or letting hormones drive you nuts?

  1. June 1, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    I overreact big time. I’m a natural worrier.

  2. June 1, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    I love the “The dripping of coffee woke him ”
    I can almost smell it… don’t like coffee, but it was an image most can relate to.

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