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Tell Me A Story – Part 2

Ok everyone, thank you for the comments.  It was had but I decided to use the advice of Emma.

The woman who died is Amber’s sister Sarah, and she died because of Amber but we will not find out how just yet.  I have the idea written out already but I think I have a fairly good stage being set up.

Enjoy Part 2, all 600 words of it.


Kadin walked into the parlor.  Amber was already there, make up fresh and a smile plastered to her face.  It was the same smile Sarah had, when she was trying to put on a brave face; genuine and it barely hid the misery underneath.  Even now, after all these years, he still had to remind himself they were not the same woman.  No, Amber was as different from her twin sister as possible, in every way except looks.

Sarah had been kind and gentle.  Her heart had been big enough to love even him and it hurt that she was now in a casket.  She had a way of reaching everyone and even the gruffest man at the homeless shelter had paid his respects to this woman.  She was a true part of the community, involved in everything and never tiring.  She gave more of herself than anyone Kadin had ever met.

Amber on the other hand, she was the brave one.  Restless in a small town in the back woods of Maine she had made her way south to the city of Boston.  From there she became one of the top students at her school, with the potential to do anything.  That something involved becoming a lawyer at his practice, and a ruthless one at that.  Amber had developed quite a reputation in the court room by the time she was 30 and it was no secret she could face down any adversary.  Once upon a time it was that ruthlessness that had appealed to Kadin.   Until one weekend, he had come home to meet the family and everything changed.

He fought against the tightness in his throat as he remembered the first time he met Sarah.  It had been summer, the 4th of July reunion.  He had planned on proposing after asking for Amber’s fathers approval.  They had been the first to arrive that day and she had gone upstairs to freshen up after the long drive.  He was waiting in the office when Amber walked through the door and he had given her a long kiss, not holding back for the sheer excitement of what he planned.  A not so subtle cough distracted him and he found Amber looking at him.

In shock he had jumped away, looking back and forth between the two Ambers.

“Kadin, I would like you to meet my twin sister, Sarah,” his girlfriend had said, her tone unhappy.

Sarah blushed.  “Pleased to meet you.  Do you plan to greet all our family members that way?”

Kadin smiled but felt his palms get sweaty.  “I am so terribly sorry, I thought you were…. I mean Amber never said…. Wow you look alike.”

Amber huffed and walked over to Kadin.  “I hope you saved some of that for me.  After you brush your teeth.”  Something in her face made him gulp and he suddenly felt like he was on the stand.

He had not spoken to Sarah much that weekend.  Every time he went near her his legs turned to jelly and he would stammer out a greeting as though he was back in high school with a new crush.  He never was able to talk to Amber’s father and within a month of returning home Amber had left.  It took another two years but that same ring had ended up on Sarah’s hand.

He looked over at Amber and she met his eyes.  She nodded once and they walked silently to the casket together.  He had just knelt down when there was a wail behind them.  Both turned quickly, angry at the interruption.


Ok readers, I hope there is better turn out this time.  I need to know who wailed and why.  Is it a relative?  Is it an angry ex lover?  Is it someone about to accuse Kadin or Amber of murder?  You tell me!

And don’t forget to check out Amber West with her own Tell Me A Story series.


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  1. May 14, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    Why did Kadin give Sarah the same ring? 🙂 Hmm, who wailed? Sarah’s old roommate? She’s going to cause trouble for Amber and Kadin.

    • May 14, 2012 at 2:43 PM

      I like it. And I meant to clarify but Kadin never gave the ring to Amber. He kept it and ended up giving it to Sarah. I think the room mate would be a good choice but I really hope to have a few more options. Thank you as always =D

  1. June 7, 2012 at 6:56 PM
  2. June 26, 2012 at 4:20 PM

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