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Touring Blogs Is Fun, Can You Make The List?


Something I have not done in a while is explore my blog inbox and share what I find. Perhaps they could create a show about it somewhere. Like storage wars where the bad guy is a negative bank account because the storage unit had diddly squat. Any way.

Today on my tour of blogs I found the following.

Piper Bayard always delivers with a healthy helping of sass and disturbing humor. Today she shares some new guidelines for how to approach TSA Agents (always a great topic)

Onward to Amber West and her Tell Me A Story post. Seriously, you all should check it out because it is brilliant! So much so that I stole borrowed her idea.

Next up on my wayward path is Kristen Lamb who told an inspiring tale of the path of the artist. Not to mention she gives killer advice that has helped me for the past couple years in my blogging methods. One of these days I will make sure to read her book…. >_>

To those who enjoy cooking or food in general I suggest you meander to Willow Bird Baking and take a peek at some of her delicious ideas. Julie is amazing and her recipes are top notch for any level cook.

Anyone who enjoys fixing plot holes and sassy reviews should check out Kate with her Twilight thoughts. Just prepare to laugh your butt off. This young woman will go far!

Trick question.  Who has ton’s of free time and can make those word goals of 2k per day and a best seller by Christmas?  Yea that is what I thought.  That is ok. Kait Nolan has offered the world Round of Words in 80 days. Just trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this.

Last because I had to save the best for last, Jenny Ford has taken a big leap and will be in an anthology with only four other writers.  Meaning she is officially published! If you have a chance head on over to her blog and throw her a quick congrats. Her post is the same kind of tale many of us are living, and no matter what it is possible to get to the coveted status of published author.


Thats all for today folks!

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