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Show Review – Feelings for Characters

Good morning,

I knew it was going to be one of those days.  I actually yelled at my coffee maker to brew faster.  I am a self-admitting addict to caffeine.  The most I can go is a couple days with no coffee.  Even then I will drink tea.

The thing is, this whole week has been that kind of week.  The one where you have a million things to do but have no motivation to do it.  My educated guess is that I am slowly becoming a zombie.

Speaking of zombies and Halloween-esq creatures, has anyone watch American Horror story?  It is this new show on FX from the creators of Nip/Tuck.  Comes on after 10 PM and it is soooo weird.

Basically, this family is having trouble with some internal issues.  Rather than deal with them, the whole family moves across the country to the ‘murder house’ and every episode features a murder in the beginning.  We are talking graphic and disturbing images with creepy as heck imagery.  It gets the point across.

The husband, Ben, cheats on his wife Vivianne after she suffers a horrible miscarriage.  Right away you dislike him.  It does not get better.  His behavior gets worse and while he has an impressive body he is mentally and emotionally crippled.  This guy is seriously messed up and easily manipulated.  Which I guess since the mental and physical do not match that is a cool gimmick used by the creators.  Aside from that, the dude cries too much.  But he is not an antagonist, not in the really malicious way.  His inner demons are pretty much at work destroying him.

Vivianne the wife.  I see her as weak.  She takes the cheater back.  She allows him to take care of her so she does not need to work.  She insisted on moving to a new state to escape her past without really dealing with it.  She is constantly a strong victim in that she will get herself into trouble and then stubbornly try to fix her situation.  She has some success.

The daughter is Violet, who of the group is the teenage daughter and the most realistic person on the show.  She portrays typical teenage behavior in addition to being the strongest personality.  She accepts there are un-pleasantries in her life and is often berating her parents on their behavior.  Awesome start.  Also the actress is from NJ =D

We also have the creepy neighbor, the dead maid who switches between old and young, the burned man, the disturbed boy and various other characters who are simply plot devices.

Each episode features a murder followed by the present day residents being affected by the murder.  Awesome?  Not really because there is no flow.  Each episode has little connection to the previous one.  Granted this is only the 3rd episode but still.  I prefer more connection.

Any way, maybe more on this later but for now?  Lame show.  Too much cliche.

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  1. May 4, 2012 at 12:01 PM

    I watched the full season of American Horror Story. The first episode was really disturbing but I stuck with it. It kept me interested for all 12 episodes. Violet’s relationship with Tate was probably the most intriguing part of the story.

    • May 4, 2012 at 12:41 PM

      I will agree with that. I had watched the full show but found this old post about the characters themselves. Anyway, the first season was a little weird but I look forward to the new one. I really want to know more about the little evil child… And Constance!

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