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Mistborn Review

Mistborn: The Final Empire

Mistborn: The Final Empire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning. 

Last night I finished reading the Mistborn Trilogy.  For those who do not know it, the author is some random guy named Brandon Sanderson.  You know, the one finishing Wheel of Time?  Yea, that guy.  I had no idea who he was.  But I looked up his site.  And the man has a way with words that blows me away.


My sister first told me about Mistborn.  For awhile I did not read them because I have other books to go over but eventually I began.  The books blew me away and last night I cried like a little girl at the ending.  Maybe it was because of watching Titanic, maybe because I had a weird day at work but the end of the last book left me in tears.  It was that good.


Basically, a girl who is nobody discovers she has special powers.  In a world that is dying will she be able to save it not from men but from a God intent on destroying everything?


So.  I am giving scores from 1 to 5 in the following areas.


World building – 4.  Sanderson creates a landscape that is nothing like Earth, but you can still see yourself there.   Not exactly alien but not the world we know.


Characters – 5.  I have never cried over a character before, but each time a character died or prevailed I felt an emotional reaction.  There were several laugh out loud moments.  But the bad guys… Imagine a tall creature coming towards you.  He can almost see through your soul because instead of eyes, there are huge metal spikes.  And he cannot be stopped.  Or even the Koloss, blue creatures up to 12 feet tall with skin tearing and blood dripping and there is an army of blood frenzied creatures.  Or an immortal God King who can supress all your hope at a better life.


Consistancy – 5.  Many authors spend time on little details that are unique but do not serve a purpose.  There are plot holes and it happens.  The mind of a writer is not always logical as it takes a huge amount of imagination the rest of the world envies.  But even the tiniest detail, the smallest habit becomes a huge plot point.  Sanderson used every tool he had made and even a seasoned reader like me had multiple “WTF” Moments.  Genius I tell you.

Protagonist – 4.  Vin is strong, beautiful and ruthless.  She fights to survive and to protect those she loves.  Trained as an assasin and a nobelwoman she is deadly but commpassionate.  She is like every female protagonist in one.

Antagonist – 5.  How do you fight a God?  How do you kill one?  How do you keep hope when he is everywhere and can influence almost everyone?  How do you make him fear you?


Read the books if you have not already.  Sanderson is incredibly talented and he will influence readers and writers alike for years to come.

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