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Flash Fiction Friday – The Office

After far too long not doing my own work here is a little something.  Enjoy.

4:45 PM

No word from the boss.  It was getting late and she still had to get dinner ready.  Third time this week and it would only keep happening.

4:55 PM

Enough is enough, no response to emails or phone calls and she had to go home.  Laptop packed, papers away and desk perfectly clear except for the phone.  It rang.  It was him.

5:30 PM

She stepped out of his office.  The emergency meeting he had needed so urgently was about forms.  It could have waited.  At least it only went for 30 minutes.  Some days she was here till 7.

His voice called her back.  Now what.  She wondered.

“I need you to run some errands for me.  And try to come in early tomorrow.”

7 PM

A few errands turned into a whole mess.  Enough was enough.  Time to get a new job.

She went to bed, plan formed.

8 AM

She went to his office.  She wore her best suit.  She wanted to leave a lasting impression of what he was missing.

He looked at her with those piercing green eyes.  He looked sad.

She closed the door behind her.

10 AM

She walked out.  Her hair was not as well done and her make up a little smeared.  The phone rang.  She ignored the stares.  No leaving yet.

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