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Book Review – Dead as a Doornail

Good morning

Just a quick review.  I am in love with the Southern Vampire Series and I have two left in my collection of 7, so time to make a trip to the bookstore.

I highly reccommend reading these books.

Thanks guys


Dead as a Doornail (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 5)
Sookie Stackhouse, #5)

This was another good read.

Once again Sookie finds herself being dragged into the world of Supernaturals.  This time she is helping Alcide and things take an unpleasant twist.  Things will never be the same between the two.

Debbie’s ghost is continuing to haunt in the form of Eric – he is determined to find out what happened in Dead to the World

Tara is also in trouble but one person’s trouble is another man’s (or vampire’s) delight.

Jason is up to his usual antics despite being accused of killing wheres.

Another past foe comes back in the form of a sexy new vampire and this one has a score to settle for reasons that surprised even me.

I think anyone who reads this book will be unable to sleep till it is done.  It is another page turner and short enough to read within a day or two.

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