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Story Idea – ‘Insert Title Here’

Mayor John F. Dore, 1936

Only 5 stories at a time? Easy as pie. With no crust or pan or filling.

Hey Everyone.

Ok, this post is just a place holder for another story idea.  I swear I will try to finish works already in progress first but this was just too good to not use.

Once again I was inspired by a dream.  A scary dream that woke me up 4 AM and refused to let me get back to sleep.  It had to do with real life events and it is a fear relatable to anyone who thinks they might be crazy.

In my dream I was driving home.  I was rushing when I got the call from a friend.  He told me to get off the road, not to go home, to find a place to lay low.  That was scary even in a dream.  He told me I had really fucked up this time. 

I turned on the news.  I was being hunted down by the police for attempted murder.  I was considered armed and dangerous based on eye-witness reports.

At this point I took over my dream.  You know when you cannot stop the events but you can influence them?  So I called the radio show and explained my side.  Told them the girl who called was psycho and that I had several reputable eye witnesses about where I had been all evening.  I told them the supposed attempted murder was from December and not even an attempt.  Delayed overreaction much?

I still could not sleep.  I remembered several weeks ago the girlfriend of a friend of mine accused me of sending her messages about how I wanted her BF and how she was ugly basically a lot of nasty messages.  I had no access to Facebook at the time and was not able to send them.  I joked with my best friend about an evil twin theory.

But what if it is deeper?  What if it was another side to me, like a Dr. Jeckle Mr. Hyde switch?  So it inspired a novella which will be written at some point.  I am thinking start at the dream and slowly tell the story.  I may end it with there being a real second person who has intimate knowlege of me (scary) or it can be me the whole time (overdone, thanks Steven King) or some other weird move. 

All I know is that the events of my dream and in real life had me disturbed and itching to write.

What other dreams inspire you?  What is your biggest writing influence?

Happy Writing!

  1. September 12, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    Sounds like another interesting dream.

    I once had a dream about a murderer leaving the heart of his previous victim with his next victim to basically “mark” them for death. Yeah. I’m totally turning that in a novel.

    Mostly, my dreams or my others’ dreams inspire my writing. (You know when they tell me them. I’m not a psychic or anything. ;)) There are other things like glimpses of scenery or a person who would make a good character, but mostly, it’s dreams. Dreams are powerful, and my mind gets to be creative even while I’m asleep. 😉

  2. Jennifer J Randolph
    September 12, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    Haha yea I hear ya about not being psychic. Though I read a post about readers being psychic? Anyway, the dream might seem weird to most people but I think it would be a fantastic mystery. The method to choose the next victim is gruesome and fascinating.

    • September 14, 2011 at 7:40 PM

      Haha! Yes. I read that too. 😉 Well, you know, wrote it.

      I think it would be a good mystery too. The ideas have been brewing on that one for a while, and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea where it’ll go when I finally get to it. I’m pretty excited about it, although it is kind of gruesome.

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