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Flash Fiction: Hitch

Hitch-hiker's gesture

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I was driving home last nite and I saw a hitch hiker.  I wondered what had happened to this man that he had no car.  Was it broken down?  Was he homeless?  Was he on the run? 

When I was younger there was a story called “The Hook” and it was scary.  It had to do with two teens out in the dark and they hear a news alert about a prison break.  This story kind of has that feel and I hope you like it.


 “Hey mister, you need a ride?”

 “Man it is pouring out there you’re lucky I saw you.  Most folks don’t come this way.”

 “Wow headed to New York?  I always wanted to go there.  Make it big time ya know? “

 “Hey so where you from?”

 “Oh I just saw on the news about that family.  So sad.  Did you know them?”

 “Yea I cannot believe it happened like that.  Just not natural.  If they were church folk things might have been different.”

 “Oh he went to church regularly?  Still a shame.  You think you know a guy then he goes and does something horrible like that.”

 “Hey do you know if the police caught him?  Oh wait there is a news update.  I like listening to the news.

 Radio – “Be on watch, this man is a fugitive and is considered armed and dangerous.  He is carrying a handgun and may be on foot.  Do not pick up anyone on the road.  He is wanted for the murder of his family and if you see something call 9 – “

 “He-hey, what was that for?”

 “What do you mean pull over?  Look I will take you to the gas station but I really think you should leave.”

 “Yo what are you doing?  What is tha – Oh my God it’s you!”

 “No stop, please, take my car.  I will stay quiet I promise.”

 “Don’t I have a pregnant wife at home.  No, Stop don’t shoot!”

 The end

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