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What to Love About The Bounty Hunter

Cover of "The Bounty Hunter"

Cover of The Bounty Hunter

Good morning, and Happy Monday.

It was a mixed blessing that there was so much rain this weekend.  While I was eager to keep moving into the new house and start relaxing, I ended up just watching a movie.

Now, I am the most ADD person.  Every few moments I want to get up and do something or I forget what just happened five minutes ago.  Not this time.

I had rented “The Bounty Hunter” starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.  Great movie.  Basically she is a reporter who is following a story but she skips bail to do so.  He is a bounty hunter who gets to bring her in.  The twist?  They are divorced.  The two are great together. 

The rest of this post is going to have spoilers so read at your own risk.  However it also lists how it is a good example to writers.

Fast Paced
The movie tells you who they are to each other right away with a hilarious opening sequence.  From the first moment you are wrapped into the movie and there are few slow points.  The few slow scenes are brief but add to the story.  The movie has a lot of momentum but just the right speed.  You don’t miss a thing but you have time to pick up on the little details which is great.

Character Depth and Development
There are 2 main characters.  That is it.  So the story focuses on them.  Aniston plays Nicole Hurley, the go-getter reporter and as you get to know her, the more you admire her.  Early on you meet the mother character played by Christine Barinski who is a riot and she adds to Aniston’s role.  So do the other supporting characters.
Butler is Milo Boyd who was a former detective and who now just hunts down bountys.  Unsatisfied and bitter, he is also caring and considerate.  He was the romantic when they were married and he points out little details such as he knows when she is real crying vs fake.  When they stop bickering and she stops running away from him, you see a relationship that works when they start to put the other first. 

Cheesy Laughs Mixed with Smart Laughs
Every story has the cheap laughs, the slapstick.  You see that when Aniston runs the golf cart into the golf pond and when her love sick co-worker keeps running into trouble while trying to “rescue her” but there is smart humor.  A lot comes from the mother but Aniston with Butler work well off of each other.  It is a nice mix throughout the movie.

Despite the movie being about a divorced couple that goes on a crazy adventure and end up together, there is a ton of chemistry but not a single kiss until the very end right before credits.  How is this good?  You know they will end up together.  You know they have to save the day.  You know they have to talk about getting back together.  But when you put the romance in the middle of the action it is bad. So the kissing is well placed in that everything wraps up and the viewer can ENJOY that satisfaction.  The way they do it is adorable but you will have to watch.  

Goal Reached
This movie is about two people with two conflicting goals.  She needs to get the story, clear the friend and solve the murder.  He needs to get her to jail.  In a story there needs to be resolution and this movie does it well.  There are no strings left to tie when the credits roll.  Sure there is room for more, but for a 90 minute movie it is great.

Finally, Gerard Bulter has the best accent ever.  Even if you hate movies, comedy, conflict resolution and character development just listen to him speak.  Really. 

Well, that was a longer post than intended but I hope it was informative and helpful.  Please rate my post and leave comments.

Happy reading!

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