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Relaxation Black Holes – Don’t Get Sucked In!

Black Hole in the universe

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Good afternoon to my three followers!

Most people are familiar with the phrase “All work and no play makes ___ a dull boy/girl”.  You think of your least favorite coworker a random name and it fits the saying.  Meanwhile you may think to yourself that since you know how to relax after work, you are well-balanced.  Sure that is great for the people who just have day jobs, but what about the ones who work like slaves 9 to 5 and just want to relax and not write?

The danger for writers is the bottomless chasm that starts as a simple rut.  It almost seems more like intervention would be needed because a week or two might pass and NOTHING has been written.  Why does it start?  For me, it started as just wanting to wait for a good idea, in the meantime I did some reading and stalked looked at new blogs.  I made comments and let that count as my writing.

Then I got busy with side projects like watching Community on my computer.  I got addicted to hunting for good yard sales on Craigslist, which became wandering through forums of angry people looking for attention. 

Suddenly I remembered I missed writing.  Every song I heard on the radio reminded me of a scene for a book just sitting in my head.  I missed giving and getting comments on my posts.

Also, my boyfriend shamed me.  Glenn is an interesting character.  He works as a civilian at a New Jersey Air Force Base.  He gets up at 5 Am and is a plane fueler.  Then he does online school work and STILL has time to see friends and hang out as well as give me attention and support.  Oh, and he is learning how to cook plus he helps his aging parents take care of their house.  He knows how to balance everything on less than 8 hours of sleep.   

If he can do all that I can push out a few pages of writing here and there right?   The thing is, a lot of us have someone in our lives who does it all, and if the person is anything like my Glenn, then being able to relax and read what we writers have gives them pleasure.  It can be a best friend, a family member, a spouse.   They want to see what we say, even if that something is not an award winning paper on revolutionizing the social media industry. 

So next time you hit that rut, sure it is fine to relax for a couple days but after that write something.  Some easy ideas would be to set a goal or two.  For example, once a week I plan to start doing flash fiction of 100 words.  Once a week I want to write a post of at least 400 words.  Three days a week I will spend time writing 3 pages/day for my books.  Think of it like exercise, it needs to be a routine to be effective. 

If you guys have any stories to share feel free.  Best of luck and happy writing!

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