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Tribute Tuesday – To Those Who Protect Our Right to Write

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Good afternoon readers. 

It is part of the way through Tuesday and we are sort of making it through the day (I hope.  Some of us have the ability to just fall asleep at the desk) but if not, well too bad.  Read some new information to keep ahead of the slump.

Part of Tuesday is to give a shout out to writers who I find inspiring.  Authors I grew up with.  A friend of mine requested I give tribute to writers who need it, and this is very true.  The last two tribute blogs were to reknowned authors who have an extensive following.  While they inspire and I respect those particular authors, there are a lot of new writers who deserve to be given a chance.  But there is one thing more important than those new writers, and that would be the freedom to write what we like.

A lot of people like to think it is a piece of paper that protects us.  That we are safe in the hands of our government, that these protections will be here forever.  They won’t.  Goverments and empires rise and fall.  Nothing is set in stone.  No law or freedom is a 100% guarentee.  But we work to preserve those rights as long as possible, and there is always a cost. 

Today I want to pay respects to armed forces, with a focus on the Marines.  To anyone who does not know someone who serves, I hope you at least say thank you if you see one.  My sister and I were in Penn Station one day in December, and every to person in uniform we met we said thank you and offered a coffee.  The process takes 5 minutes, and that little bit of kindness goes a long way.  Make no mistake, it IS a kindness.  They fight for us, complete strangers.  This is the least we can do.

To those who are not strangers, it is even more heart wrenching when a Marine is killed because of war.  I have been blessed not to experience it, but there are too many who have.  I did a search for Marine blogs, hoping to find someone who might have served and was now home, and came across the blog of a woman who lost her husband.   Her name is Karie, and her blog is filled with raw emotion as she struggles to get through life without her husband. 

Karie is inspiring as a writer because most of us fall victim to procrastination and all that distracts us are the routines of daily life.  Nothing traumatic.  But what if you had to carry on alone?  What if you lost so much, could you still find will to live?  When someone like her is able to do all this, ask yourself… Could I?  You don’t have to answer anyone but your own mind. 

Next time your not in the mood to write, remember Karie.  Take that Procrastination Pixies.  And kudos to Kristen Lamb for coming up with the term.

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