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Music Monday – The Bees are Buzzin, making some sweet musical honey

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Good morning and Happy Monday!

Anyone who has off, have as much fun as possible pretty please.  For those of us in the office, good luck for the 8 hour shift.  To help you along, it is Music Monday, and I am going to switch it up a little.

Usually I have been focusing on songs that help me as a writer, and linking to the song on YouTube.  Today is starting similarly, with Paperback Writer by The Beatles playing.  Why that song?  For us writers, the lyrics are the story of our lives.  

But what about the rest of the population that listens to music and *gasp* they do not write “professionally”?  A few relaxing songs are fine but there are days (like most Mondays) when blood-pumping, go-get-em songs are in need.

To start that off, with a focus on the B’s, I am reminding many of The B-52’s.  With a quirky sound and comical lyrics, they are still going strong today.  One song that most people are familiar with is Love Shack, a bouncy tune that made quite a few people want to get up and dance every time this song played.  Speaking of dancing, if you are a Billy Idol fan then you probably remember Dancing With Myself, an upbeat song with a slightly disturbing music video… Ok make that REALLY disturbing.  But both those songs will hopefully get you moving.  For everything else there’s MasterCard.  I mean coffee.

After the morning pick me up with coffee, most of us need a mid day boost with a side of enthusiasm.  A friend of mine recently introduced me to a band called Bloc Party, and while it is a younger sound of music, it provides a pleasant upbeat sound.  My personal favorite is called This Modern Love, which lyrically is pretty relatable.  Why should you listen?  It is upbeat, easy to listen to.  Listen loud or you can keep it on low volume as background noise. 

Another interesting band is called Burning Spear.  Reggae with a hint of Ska, it is a head nodding sound.  I started out with Marcus Garvey and it was love at first sound.  Great for a mid day beat.  Follow it up with Bring the Light by Beady Eye and you can last till the end of the day.

Here are three good reasons to listen to music while you work.  
1.  It helps pass time.
2.  Avoid wanting to stab the boss/coworker/personal phone.
3.  There is always a song to either fit your mood or change it.

Listen to the beat, and please comment with a couple artists/songs/both that you feel gets you through the day.

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  1. February 28, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    I wrote my book “The Mandolin Case” while I played my mandolin, which worked out well.

    Dr, B

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