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Fish Friday…. But is this the end?

I am Procrastinating by Taking a Procrastinati...

Image by Tricia Wang 王圣捷 via Flickr

Good morning everyone. 

Before I get into Fish, I have to say that greeting everyone always seems like I am on Charlie’s Angels, greeting my followers remotely.  Oh Charlie ^_^

So, back to Fish.  I will admit, I have been procrastinating the last few weeks.  Sure I leave my house for work around 7 AM and get back around 9 PM, so I must be busy…. But most of the time I write while at my desk.  Like this very moment.  And in case my boss ever reads this, I made sure to come in 2 hours early and got a lot of work done first.  My time on WordPress is justified.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!

So here I am, listening to Semisonic play Closing Time on YouTube, and pondering where Fish will end up.  A lot of time was spent away.  And we are not even close to done.  Thursday was supposed to be a review using Skype, but sadly I was unable to be there.  Back to email, and back to the drawing board…. Literally.

My story needs a vast amount of work.  Pretty soon we are going to review it some more and I am hoping to get a lot more feedback.  One thing we are discussing is to change the entire picture format.  In order to tie in the story to the art, we are possibly scrapping all the illustrations….. It is a bold move, and I am thinking of creating a pole to see what style fits the best for what we want…..  It would be good to get some feedback on that.

Aside from that, there is another topic I would like to review either this week or next.  It has to do with Ladder Theory, and it will be a Thursday Review.  As a completely misogynistic view-point loaded down with sarcasm, it is offensive to even the most reasonable of women.  Yes men can have view points, but actually taking the satire literally is quite distasteful…..

The point is, by next Thursday, I am hoping for an equal amount of back and forth on the topic, from men and women who might read this, and LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! 

While all of you read the article, I will go dance around to Matchbox Twenty and other songs on the playlist.

Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Dont forget, the loose schedule is:
Music Monday
Tribute Tuesday
Thursday Review
Fish Friday

So far I have a request to go over Dubstep on Monday….. Something I know NOTHING ABOUT!!!!  If anyone has bands to recommend please help!

  1. Lani
    February 25, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    First and Foremost
    1. For music for mondays : go randomly thorough the abc’s and pic a letter and reveiw a random band for instance. Think sesame street gone bad! Lols
    2. tribute to whoever needs tributibing
    etc. u get the point. GOOD WORK THO! Love the loose schedule with stuff…
    where is fish????

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