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Music Monday – Diversity with U2, Foo Fighters and…. Frank Sinatra?

Totally Accurate

Good morning and Happy Music Monday.  

It is time to go over music that helps our Muses.  For anyone not familiar with Greek/ Roman culture, the Muses were lesser deities who inspired the arts.  Writing, painting, music…. etc.  NOT Muse the band, though I find them wonderful.  One of my favorite representations of the Muses comes from Disney’s Hercules.  Even though it came out about 14 years ago (OLD!!!!), it is still a favorite.  If you felt inspired then your Muse was in action.  If you felt the ominous Writer’s Block, chances are your Muse took a hike.  But just because your Muse is on a coffee break does not mean you have to wait for her to come back.  Your work is on YOUR dime, not your whims.  Look for ways to trigger that Muse into creating the next great novel.

One thing I use to inspire my arts is music.  Got my music playing and my fingers start itching to type.  Remember how I said to create a playlist and to add Mumford and Sons?  Today I am going to mention three more great artists to use.

The first is U2.  Almost everyone knows who they are.  They have been around forever and I think Bono might outlive the rest of us just because he can.  If you have ever listened to Beautiful Day, you can see how they are inspiring.  It is not just lyrics.  The overall sound makes you want to do more than be idle.  Joshua Tree?  Best CD ever.  Always a must have in any collection. 

A second great artist in this hodge podge collection of songs would be Frank Sinatra.  Wait, how can I put him after U2?  They sound nothing alike!  This is true, but hey, when the ipod is on shuffle and That’s life plays after Beautiful Day, who am I to complain?  The big band style inspired so much of todays music, so why not listen to Old Blue Eyes along side Bono?

Last but not least is Foo Fighters.  Led by David Grohl (played guitar with Nirvana O_o), this band is working to release their 7th album this Spring.   The band has a great range of songs.  The Pretender is gritty and intense.  Learn to Fly is fun and catchy (also the video features Everlong playing in the very beginning with Jack Black and Kyle Glass as janitors).  Home is soulful and relaxing.  All three songs make great additions to that writing playlist, but there are many great songs that appeal.  It depends on the style you are going for.   

Choosing how to inspire your own Muse is a singlular journey, but it is always nice to explore new artists or rediscover old ones.

  1. Lani
    February 21, 2011 at 10:48 PM

    I enjoyed reading this ! I was actually just listening to “beauitful day” as a pick me up for the test I just recently took. I want to say that this is great, because music is life. We do not really know how much of an influence it really gives until we listen to whats behind the music. I like ” raise your glass” by pink. Over rated but still very good pump you up song. Music is always inspirational and it will set the mood however you like! NICE 😀

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