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Tribute Tuesday for Inspiring Writers – Terry Goodkind vs Robert Jordan

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Good morning everyone.

As I am starting to reach out and solidify my writing skills, I wanted to share two favorite authors who have inspired me, inspired you, and inspired each other.  One is living, the other has sadly passed on.  Both have written highly succesful series.  And the stories have a LOT in common…..

The first is the author Robert Jordan.  He was one of the first authors that had an adult series that I liked.  Wheel of Time carried me throughout all of High School, and each book was long enough that I needed a month to read it.  His attention to detail is both annoying and inspiring.  You LIVED in his world.  You saw it, you were there.  You smelled the trees, the food cooking, you heard the battles raging.  You fell in love with the characters and mourned when they died.  Jordan was not the first of his kind, but he was the first that I read in this genre.

The living author is Terry Goodkind.  He is best known for his Sword of Truth series.  This book I started reading after High School.  It is a newer series;  Goodkind started and ended it between Robert Jordan’s series.  His attention to detail is also quite good.  You fell in love with Richard and Kahlan.  You laughed at Zedd with great fondness.  Your heart ached for Nicci.  There was more magic to these books than just what was written.

In terms of similarities, there are a lot.  The main hero is Richard Rahl for Goodkind, Rand al’ Thor for Jordan (hint – both names start with R).  The plot of the first book shows a lot of influence of Jordan over the other.  The series has many reflections in both plot, scenery, characters and the flat-out refusal to turn evil.  They have a boldly drawn line between good and evil.

The differences?  For one thing, Jordan died before he could finish the series.  Brandon Sanderson, a very good author in his own right, is finishing the series.  The change  in style is noticeable.  Jordan, while brilliant, meandered with his story.  Sanderson is much more direct in his continued writing.  Goodkind on the other hand, kept most of the writing neatly tied in, and each book had a conclusion that left you both satisfied and wanting more.  Jordan left you hanging and craving conclusion.  There was satisfaction but the good stuff was just out of reach. 

Another difference is how much more real Richard is.  Rand?  He goes off the deep end.  Still true to his convictions, he is harder to relate to.  Richard stays the same.  What is better is that his rules to live by can be applied to the average person.  Just cause I cannot wield a sword or do magic does not mean I cannot live as Richard does.  He loves life.  He based his entire life up till the age f about 25 on being close to nature, respecting people, having a thirst for knowledge.  And he KEEPS doing this for the entire series.

 Also, Goodkind has a tv series based on the series.  Despite the opinion that it is an awful creation, he has one. 

Both series are fantastic.  Both will affect you in some way. 

Oh, and The Omen Machine is another book being written by Goodkind.  For anyone who does not know, it is a continuation AFTER Sword of Truth. 

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