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Music Monday with a Nod to the Grammy’s

Mumford and Sons @ Laneway

Image by badjonni via Flickr

We all enjoy music.  From Classic Rock to Alternative, Screamo to Folk, even Classical.  Some of us like to Dance to Lady Gaga while others prefer the tamer styles of Taylor Swift.  Whichever artists you like, a lot of them end up inspiring our own creative juices.  While all of the artists at the Grammy’s have made a huge impact, there are two new artists I want to point out that were recognized last night. 

The first is  The Black Keys.  Featured in Eclipse, it is a band with two guys who have a unique style.  The music is chill and relaxing, which if you are writing a lot, the music is an excellent back ground.  On the CD Brothers, I highly reccommend putting Tighten Up and Howling for You on a playlist.  The whole CD is great, but those songs are pretty great.

The other band I really want to point out is Mumford and Sons.  If you are writing a love scene, or a break up scene…. You need to listen to a couple songs.  The first is The Cave (the song performed last night).  It is not sad, but the lyrics are stirring.  Another song is Winter Winds.  It is not played on the radio so you HAVE to listen to the CD, but this is great for any romance scene.

Now, as far as playlists go, I have quite a collection, and after last night I will be adding the following song.  I have to give a lot of credit to Lady Gaga for having a great pick-me-up song;  Born This Way is a must have.  Don’t be a Drag, just be a Queen….  Every bit of this song says “Out Shine the rest, be you, and let what you love show.”  As far as style goes, this is nothing like her usual style.  The live performance was remarkably tame and nothing like we usually expect from Gaga.  This song showed her talent as a singer.  Everyone knows her, now they can love her more.  As writers, we might have a few flashy ideas just to get a brand name out.  After popularity makes us known, let our talents really shine with the subtle work. 

Being a writer is tough, but not as tough as we think.  Half the time we have no idea what we want to say.  Others have so much to say that it comes out in a jumble of no flow writing.  A few of us have great potential that only sees the light of day when we have run out of all excuses to procrastinate.  My trick?  I vow to sit down and write for the duration of the CD or playlist.  As I add more songs, I am sitting longer at my computer doing what I love most.  Holy Cow, its Magic!!!

Happy Writing everyone. 

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