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Tribute Tuesday – To those that inspire living or dead

Bactrians carrying tribute, Persepolis

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Good morning Readers.

Today I am beginning a theme of tribute.  There is a lot going on in the world, both with writing and with politics.  There is more to think about than just the Super Bowl (curse you Patriots for losing in the first round!) and I wanted to do a tribute to people who have inspired me.

The first is Brian Jaques.  To anyone who does not know who this man is, he is the author of the Best Selling Redwall Series.  Sure they are stories about talking animals, but these books were some of the first that I read that got me into fantasy.  I remember the first one I read was Mariel of Redwall and I was hooked from there.  His books were good for any age and he never lost sight of the spirit of Redwall like many other authors do after awhile.

As for Mr. Jaques, I found out via twitter that he had passed away the 5th of this month.  He is not the only author to have passed on that I follow, but he was the first that I started to follow, and this is a show of growing up.  Time passes and the people who used to influence me either stay over time or move on.  His books will always be on my bookshelf no matter what.

Now, a tribute to the living.  Some of us write about the hero in a harrowing situation.  The man or woman who defeats the odds and comes out on top and maybe was part of a revolution.  We put a huge amount of good attributes into this one character who is everything we want to be, but there are even more traits we forget about.  One of these is endurance.  One person against huge odds who is inspiring simply because he survives….. I will link you all to a man in Cairo.

Sam Ahmad is an American living in Cairo.  He lives on a boat on the largest river in the world.  He is in a land that has a culture rich in history.  It is a gorgeous place, and somewhere I would someday like to go…. But I am not sure what will be left.  Sam is in the middle of a revolution, and his point of view is very real.  The people of Egypt want a better life.  They want control of their lives, not bigger government.  They are trying to overthrow a regime that is crushing the population.  Cairo is in a revolution.

I read his blog, and I will not give any hints as to what it contains.  The story is shocking and saddening, yet inspiring.  He gets from day to day and there is nothing wrong in that.  Writers like the hero who rushes in to save the day, and why not?  It is fun to write about.  But in reality, a lot of the real heros are the men and women who endure and find a way to keep going.

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