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Fish Fridays are for Marking Progress

Hello readers.

Following in the footsteps of a fellow blogger I follow, Kristen Lamb, I am trying to make sure I blog regularly, even if I have nothing to say.  She pointed out that the more you write, the better you get.  Waiting till I become a great writer is… Well, its a waste of time.  Reality is not a  Disney movie;  Waiting and wishing won’t produce a fairy to help me.  Same with waiting till a good topic comes to mind.  If I wait for a good topic to pop up, it could be weeks between blogs.  Also, those ideas only come when I am not at a computer (In the shower, driving, in a business meeting, out with friends… etc).

So to help, I am trying to come up with ways to commit to these daily writing  goals.  One idea was Fish Fridays.  It is amazing how helpful alliterations are as a writer.  Easy to remember and something to look forward to.  Anyway, on Fridays I will blog about everything Fish, because she has come a long way and it would be unfair not to share what I am learning.  Between my personal research, comments by other people, and my wonderful illustrator, it is really coming along.

Something I have been focusing on is my story.  I got a review that told me I was too vague.  That unless I tied up some strings I would probably not sell my book.  Right now, my characters are just floating around and not committing to WHY they are a certain way.  For a kids book, there are HUGE plot holes….. At first I was upset, for surely my friends would have pointed this flaw out to me.  Well they had, I just didn’t listen.  Also, the distraction of my super cute pictures threw us all off.

In reality, I need to make my work stay focused.   Not as much dilly-dallying.   At one point my Fish is told no one likes her cause she takes risks.  What kinds of risks?  Is she always in danger, does she flake out on her friends, is she just no fun?  Are you at risk to be mindlessly bored?  I didn’t explain it and the moral of my whole story is incredibly vague.  I basically wrote 900 words of nothing.  Who would buy that?  Heck, I wouldn’t and this is my story.

It is not always a solution to expect my illustrations to explain the story for me.  Fish is meant as a story book not a picture book.  I need to solidify and perfect.  My goal is to sell and do well for myself, or at least make up the cost to publish.

That said, it is time to polish my book!  Happy writing everyone!

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