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Next Steps in the Fish Timeline

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Vacation is over, day job is caught up, and now it is time to concentrate on who to sell my soul to.  I am talking about publishing.  That network of marketeers and critics and experts who can either help me make it in the author industry, or bring me down.

There are many choices, from private companies to public; from self publishing to vanity publishers.   All of them have something to offer, some ‘killer package’ that I absolutely ‘must’ have.   There are programs and plans and strategies.  Each has access to an army of people who can help me promote my work. 

What it really comes down to is value.  I could work myself to the bone to write something that is pure gold, then sell to a major company (if I can make it into the .01% of new writers) but then I give up my entire soul.  Vanity publishing is simply so I can feel good about myself while hounding all my friends and family to read my ‘masterpiece’ while I learn to write without using air quotes so frequently.  In this case, I sell my soul to myself and possibly feel some shame afterwards.

In the case of Fish, I am leaning towards the self publish option because there seems to be more freedom in what I need.  Sell half a soul, get more for my value. 

One thing to keep in mind is that every work is different.  The first children’s book I am writing might need to stay local and grow from there.  Other authors are their own marketing team through countless hours of self promotion, and possibly own stock in a publishing company (something to look into for possible discounts).

The program that seems to offer the most is with create space, an affiliate of Amazon.com which is a major retail option.  It is also a little more econ friendly, since I wont have to order a certain amount of books and then hope to sell them all. 

For some reason, the movie “Pursuit of Happiness” always comes to mind.  There is a flashback where Will Smith’s character had purchased some kind of scanner which he then had to sell to hospitals.  Thinking it was a fast paced business and easy money, he spent his life savings and had about 30 of these machines.  Let’s just say that his pursuit hit a few bumps along the way. 

The point being, do your research.  Be prepared to invest in something bigger than one book and be prepared to get all kinds of feedback.  Another nice feature for Create Space is the preview forum.  I posted some samples of my Fish story and have braced myself for (hopefully) a tidal wave of commentary.   Oh I just got that….. Pun not intended.

So remember:
1 – Sell your soul for equal or greater value
2 – Research.  Then research more. 
3 – Watch Will Smith in Pursuit of Happiness and apply to your own career.  Actually, watch every movie with him in it just because you can and he is awesome.
4 – Don’t abuse air quotes

Happy writing!

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