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Snow Days are no excuse not to write; Get in front of that Computer!

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Well, since there is plenty more work to be done, this will be a short blog. 

It is a winter wonderland outside, and while I am writing from the office, I simply had to share work done and hopefully inspire my fellow writers.  I spent a good portion of the snowstorm working on Hellawes, since I have yet to finish the plot and develop the structure.

Since it will be a novel size, I want to do the proposal and have that finished soon.  If anyone likes what I have, then work within those bounds.  If there are no takers, then work within my bounds.  But rather than write the whole thing only to be told to start over….. I am not sure I have the heart to go through that.

What I have been doing is breaking down scenes.  It is like I condense the chapter into several short paragraphs and get an idea of the direction.  Later it turns into a mad lib of detail, and this is where I can describe what they do, how they eat, the clothes worn, the habits each person developes.  How they feel about one thing or another.  After I have my plot and direction, I get to explore my characters.  Patience though; if the character does not fit the scene and vice versa, it could damage the book as a whole.  I want everyone to get along.

In the meantime, I have been reading Kristen Lamb to while away the snowbound hours, in addition to looking for work on Elance.  Even if I don’t get hired, I am looking at the most succesful writers and seeing what they have that I don’t.  One important asset they have is a good review or two or 20.  Another is a list of jobs they have worked on.  Additionally, they are in many groups that specialize in, well, a specialty.

So, for anyone following me, here is a list of what you can do when you need a break from shoveling:
Take some proficiency tests with MS Office programs
Work on that structure or synopsis for your word child
Blog about the two feet of snow that buried your car
Interact in general with the writing community
Harass your family to finally read that manuscript you worked so hard on – they have no where to go!
Wade throught the grammar book you knew you needed but “never had time to read” and brush up on your sentence structure skills.

Remember, it’s a career that is never limited by being able to drive or not.  Ok maybe it is if you have a book signing to go to or a publicist to meet.  But in general, it is so easy to get work done and reach out to other writers, with blogs, Facebook, Skype, even AIM depending on how familiar you are with your audience. 

Oh and have fun!   Happy writing everyone and Happy New Year!

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