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Getting Back in the Swing is not Easy but WAY too important

Well, after a two month hiatus I am back.  I could say it is not my fault, and that I was simply too busy, but that would be a lie.  If I want to make this into a real career then “too busy” is a phrase that should not exist in my inner phrase book.  I am never too busy to show up at my 9 to 5 job and I am not too busy to play Fish Ville on Facebook, so how am I too busy to dedicate some time to my passions?

In order to make up for this, there have been steps taken to make up for lost time. 

Fish is moving and I now have deadlines and ideas and a timeline to be FINISHED!  And by finished I mean have hard copies in my hands of my baby.  Last night I met with Chieh and we tore apart my baby and recreated her. 

A lot had to do with the artwork but for several pages, I realised nothing fit.  The words did not fit the pictures, there were too many words.  If I was a child and saw this book, I would be terrified.  If I was an adult and would have to read this to a child, it seemed daunting.  It is time to change the page count. 

But everything will be done by the end of January.  After all this time…. My baby is growing up.  Next she will be going to prom and then telling me she met a nice fish and wants to name one of the eggs after me. 

Next is Hellawes.  My other baby, the one who is going to be much harder to create only because I never want to let her go.  In truth, I am not far along at all, because now I am still in the synopsis stage.  This is the time when I figure out the scenes and how they fit together, debating and arguing with myself about character development. 

Because this is a much bigger project, I will need an agent or publisher.  For that to happen, I need a good proposal.  In my research, I read how a person might create the entire book and THEN try to market it only to be told it is done wrong and there are huge problems and that there is no market.  So I am in the baby stages of proposal writing.

Last, there is the possibility of my first real writing gigs.  I joined a job site called Elance and so far so good.  I may not have a huge amount of experience but I have offered to do some pro bono work in return for good reviews.  Show my worth, and at this point, it only costs me time.  Later on when I KNOW I am great, then I can charge extravagant prices (ok no, I still want to be able to work).  For now, payment in reviews will help me more later on.

So wish me luck, because now that I am done baking it is time to be on a roll…. Yea bad bun.  Even worse.  What can I say?  It is only 9:30 AM and the coffee has yet to hit.

  1. December 22, 2010 at 8:04 PM

    Welcome back from the hiatus. I too have been dealing with a dry spell in the creative department, but thankfully have been given an opportunity to codevelop a script for a sitcom that’s being produced for community television. Like your pro bono, it’s not a paid gig, but I am looking forward to the learning experience and networking. This project, along with a few others, will be a part of my New Year’s resolution to take the next step in my writing career and reach out to the creative community and make things happen. Best of luck to you and your creations.

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