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Of the 100 Top Sites, My Personal Favorites for Writing Resources

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After a long absence it is time for me to start writing some more.  I have not been idle, just reading more and working on building my writer’s nook.  Working in the past either at my desk in the office then hiding my activities from my boss was not the best idea but it was my only option.

So now I am writing from my friend’s basement.  They have large closets that I can use for an office, complete with desk, bookshelf and lots of other shelves for storage.  At least this will be an entertaining anecdote for my future author profile.

Anyway, the point of this random and scattered blog is to share several sites that I have found highly useful in the writing industry.  All are from the writer’s digest site which is quite a maze of resources itself.

Most of these are blogs but the few that I found helpful are as follows:

Plot Whisperer was one of those gems.  It is not just about plot but gives tips on characters and many steps to writing.  I plan to use it often once Hellawes is underway.

If you want a serious resource, try Preditors & Editors.  This is a great spot to use to find out who is who in the business and what industry editors are just false advertising.  If you liked that site, Victoria Strauss’ blog will come in handy as well.

As far as resources go, Twitter and Wikipedia are two of the best resources and both are very well used by writers all over.

The last resource often overlooked is government related.  Knowing your copyright information is important if you plan to make a career out of writing.  Laws might come into play depending on how serious your career is.  This web source should be able to answer all your questions, even the ones you did not know you had.

The next segment will be about different sites to use for jobs, agents and publishers.  It will be more geared towards career writers as opposed to just for fun and getting started.

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