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A Few Gems of Literature to Aid a Beginning Writer or A Seasoned One

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Today began part of my Hellawes endeavor.  I wanted to make sure my writing would have as few minimal mistakes as possible and sought advice from a few recommended reads.  I also wanted to peruse through some copies of The Writer’s Market as well as pick up a couple grammar books.  So off to Borders I went with the following results:

There are not enough hours to get through the amount of resources I have, staying simply in printed resource form.

While I would have gotten all the books there, I stuck to the ones I knew would help me in my beginning writer stages.

The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need by Susan Thurman is indeed a very good copy.  The version I picked up is small enough to put in my purse, light enough to carry anywhere, and still chock full of information that every basic writer needs.  One of the best things is the definitions.  For example I had heard and used Gerunds many times over but had forgotten the actual definition.  The whole book is filled with examples and would be of use to a writer of any level.

The Writer’s Little Helper by James V Smith it is a fun book filled with tips, resources, examples and checklists.   It has a little humor and chapter tips that make the idea of writing professionally much less intimidating.

From First Draft to Finished Novel is a little more specific to my needs rather than that of a freelance writer.  This one I wont plan to use for a little while, but it’s still part of the first stage.  One thing to look out for is my own love for my work, and I am hoping this book will help me avoid easy mistakes.  The less holes a critic can find, the better so this guide should help make the process easier.

Those were the only books I picked up on this first trip but I made sure to find some other titles.  This is also a list which doubles as a wish list for any aspiring writer.

Guide to Query Letters by Wendy Burt-Thomas
Writing Dialogue by Tom Chiarella
The Elements of Style by Strunk and White (EB White to be exact)
A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker
Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss
Writing Children’s Books by Lesley Bolton and Lea Wait
45 Master Characters by Victoria Lyn Schmidt

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