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How do you create a stellar main character without losing the idea behind her?

An idea I am toying with as well is to make this into a trilogy. There are multiple points in her life that are clearly defined. She starts out as a child, a friend to Moraine and acts as an older sister to Arthur despite being of no relation. She is a little sheltered and has grown up hearing about stories of Avalon. She has no reason to be anything other than pure of mind and heart and is still a passionate little girl. This is also the stage where she first meets and falls in love with Lancelot.

The second part is that she goes to Avalon itself, but while there she ends up being an outcast among other charachters, including Moraine as they have a falling out (you will have to read the finished project to find out why, but a clue is that a love triangle forms.) At this point, I want to be able to reach out to young adults. The audience I have in mind is this age group, not the young children. The reason is that I am still a young adult myself, and trying to relate to an older audience is difficult. Staying in my comfort zone for my first few works would be more beneficial.

The final stage for Hellawes is when she is nearing her 30’s, still young but by now she is jaded by her experiences. This is where the stage is set for the downfall for Avalon. Mordred would have been a little boy at this point and he is key to the demise of Arthur. Here is where I get to twist the tale even more.

The idea behind all this is her love for Lancelot and how he spurned her. She ends up wanting revenge and is driven to the edge and the books need to carefully build up to that. The tricky part is making it into more than just a bland “here are my emotions. I did that and oh wow, how predictable.” But at the same time, that is what drives her, she becomes this emotion driven woman who grows more powerful the stronger her emotions get. This is turning into quite a jigsaw puzzle!

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