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The Choice to Pull our Troops; What next?

Well, it’s finally happening, our troops are coming home for the time being and it is about time.   It has been 9 years since the whole situation started, when terrorists attacked and every American changed.   Now President Obama is calling them home, but for how long?  There is still conflict in other places and bringing them home wont change that.

One thing that bothered me was how the war was not a predominant topic.  The troops left and a couple years later the housing market crashed sending us into a recession.  All of a sudden that was on everyone’s mind, money.  We were all torn with so many different problems, and it seemed like this decade got worse and worse.

When one area recovered another failed and despite him not being the most liked politician, I don’t blame George Bush.  It was not him alone who had to do with these issues and to blame him entirely is wrong.  I think part of the problem is that we the people roll over, let the politicians take over everything, and then when hell breaks loose, we have a scapegoat for our own misfortune.

Hurricane Katrina for example.  My heart goes out to the victims.  It was a disaster and New Orleans has come a long long way since 2005.  But blaming Bush for how big a disaster it is, well thats not right.  You can blame the French for building a city in a bowl below the sea level.  You could point fingers at people who sat in their houses waiting for aid rather than leaving the moment they heard the city was evacuating.  You can even point fingers at the entire world for contributing to global warming which affects the weather system.  Or you can be proactive.

My point being, people will spend a great deal of time lamenting on this and that about Bush’s policies rather than learn and focus on Obama’s turn as our leader.  Whether you like him or not, he is what we have now.   I personally voted Republican and tend to think both sides.  Now though, we need to focus on the future, our future, and what happens next as we try to recover our economy, our country and our lives.

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