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Searching for Resources is Tricky, but not when you know what to look for

Today begins an endeavor that has been living in my mind for almost two years.  An idea sparked by a chance encounter about a love affair that had me reeling.

I am beginning my journey to Medieval England to start Outcast Of Avalon. It is the title I am playing with and so far I really like it. Hopefully by the time the book is finished I will still enjoy the taste of the title.

Because the book is taking place in Arthurian Legend, I need to start researching everything about the dress, the speech, how to talk and what to eat. I want my scenes to have details but it needs to be believable above all other things. I want my readers to get lost in my pages. Perhaps these are lofty dreams for just starting out, but why not? I am not asking for instant fame. Even writers like J K Rowling and Stephanie Meyer, two very popular writers, had their series partially finished before fame struck.

I started my search with Wikipedia, a very useful resource that has links to both inner articles and outside references.  I do not use it for straight fact, but considering this is a myth I am working with, it is not mandatory to be absolutely correct in my charachters personality and actions.  The myth is just a guideline.  One article about Camelot pointed out that as there is nothing physical to prove the story true, it can be any time, anywhere.

Wish me luck, and follow along!


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