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Working the Writing Resources Online really is Work

Today I am spending most of it exploring the resources online. I found the PDF of 101 Best Websites for Writers courtesy of Writersdigest.com and I am hoping the most useful will pop out.

It is amazing just how many options there are to get published, and looking at examples of famous writers and their paths…. Well if makes me reluctant to do more than sit and bite my nails.

One thing I did to make it easier was buy a 3″ binder, a bunch of tabs, some loose leaf paper and sit down to create the Writer’s Bible of Everything. There are sections for current projects, a section of ideas that have maybe a page or two of random notes, and past stories I wrote but don’t have any plans for. At the front lies notes on resources, as well as printouts of what I found online.

The whole thing is fun but I find myself needing more than a cardboard box to write on. I am hoping some of the Twitter blogs I follow will help me start earning the money I need to have a professional writing space and SOON!


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